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Relive the 2008 Convention!

We wanted to post an update to Robert's Q&A (see Q&A post for new additions)...and give you the latest link to relive your convention moments via our photo album - see it here:


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Copyrighted Images

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Robert Tonner Answers YOUR Questions

Is there a possibility to get swivel feet for the DC Stars line up, to include the male figures for a more realistic stand for posturing?
We're still exporing alot of that world...with different characters, there are differing needs in the hands, feet, etc. We are looking into these features.

Any chance that you might create a Wonder Woman line, with characters like the Cheetah and Donna Troy/Wonder Girl?
Wonder Woman is a favorite of mine...these are characters I'd love to work on.

How are some attendees getting access to the Ellowyne doll that will be given at tonights dinner so they can post them for sale on e-bay?
Not sure exactly what you mean here...but we do sell the extras at the end of the event. It always surprises me how quickly things go up on eBay!

So many of us really want some truly GOOD stands for our dolls. Is there any chance of this happening?
I think our newest stand is pretty good...and there are always areas for improvement. As said before, differing characters/dolls have different display needs. It's difficult deciding which ones are best in a universal stand. We will continue to explore this, though.

How soon AFTER the convention can we expect to be able to order some of the wonderful new collection?
Not sure what you mean here...but the convention items are all exclusives for the convention except Superman. If any extras remain from the convention, they will be sold via the Tonner Company Store (we don't yet know if Wilde Imagination products will be sold by Tonner...or by Wilde). Our Fall/Holiday collection won't be available until later this summer. Superman will be available later this year.

Can we expect to see more Stellas in the regular line?

Also, is there a possibilty of you doing Tony Stark @ Iron Man?
I loved the movie...but we have no plans to do this. Besides, that iron suit would be really heavy to ship.

Could you please make a STARFIRE TCF for the DC Stars line? With her orange/golden skin, her bright green eyes, her curvy full figure and long, golden curly hair, she'd make a striking figure! Any of the George Perez Titans would be great...Raven would be cool too!
All of these sound great...but our plate's kinda full with DC right now.
NEW: I’m getting a better understanding about the different artists and writers, including such iconic creators as Perez; all who have drawn the DC characters…I love the interpretations…it’s kind of inspirational. I’ll be studying these in the future…and who knows? I’d love to make them all in doll form :)

This is a question from my husband who is a big action figure/comic collector. Is there any possibility of expanding the DC Stars line by creating costumes for some of the minor characters to be used with the existing DC dolls, or maybe creating some basic/generic superhero dolls that can be used with the costumes?
Hard to say based on what our contract with DC outlines. We'd have to explore this with them. Thanks for the suggestion!

Robert, I read your interview with News and was very interested in your wanting to gain the licenses for several other lines. Do you think you will be actively working to get the Lord Of The Rings? I would be the first one in line to order the ENTIRE LINE OF DOLLS AND OUTFITS!
We expressed an interest in this, but it's not on our immediate horizon right now...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

With the DC Stars line up, will we be seeing Superman and the Flash coming out this year? And is there any possibility of a Robin for our Batman.
Superman, yes...we introduced him this weekend (see blog pics) - the other two are planned in our upcoming line-up for the next year or so.

Would love to see some "street clothes" that fit male superheros.
We've been working on this...there are some logistics that come into play...but it's been fun exploring the possibilities!

Love the fact that you have more male sculpts using matt body type. any chance for an asian male? perhaps some older women?
Sure, and thank you! Nothing specific right now...but we've been considering both for some time.

With your introduction of the Ultra Basic Ava this weekend and your Ultra Basic Tyler earlier this year and on your website, are you planning to introduce other "Ultra Basic" dolls this year such as Sydney or Jac?

More Ultra Basic dolls please? And I would like to see a new ankle joint and/or a swivel knee joint on the 16" dolls.Oh and one last thing...Could you make it easier for international collectors (like myself) to order online at the Tonner Company Store please?
Yes...we're working on it...and we'll see about the international ordering. Our licenses are not all available outside North America...and it's been difficult to set this up in the online shopping cart. Thanks for your patience while we work it all out!

Would it be possible for Ellowyne, to get a twisted Waist? It is so nice in the Tonner Dolls the way the waist has movement.
It's possible...however, with every joint you add, you give up something...and I didn't want to alter her unique body shape.

It would be really great to see some "SPECIAL" Halloween Convention Ellowyne dolls with Jim Ash's great GLASS EYES!!!! Do you think this might be possible??? :)
I'm a big fan of his's complicated for, no plans right now.

Will there be an ultra-basic Euphie, especially with a different hair style?
What most people don't understand about the Ultra Basics is they are to have minimal hair styles...that limits what we can do in an Ultra Basics. This does not count in retailer exclusive dolls...they ask for something specific. That being said, anything is ultimately possible.

Hi Robert! Love EVERYTHING you are doing! I do think Ms. Ellowyne NEEDS more friends though... I'm almost POSITIVE that's a huge part of her chronic ennui. I LOVE the Ellowyne line... the dolls, clothes, EVERYTHING! Will she have more friends in the future?
Thanks! We do have Prudence and Rufus...but that's about it in Ellowyne's life at the moment. There may be more on the horizon, though.

Love the Tonner e-mail updates, the Tonner Store and now the virtual convention! Great to know what's new and see what other collectors are interested in. Any chance there will be more Brenda Starr in the future?
Thank you! Our contract with Brenda Starr is we don't have any plans to return to that collection at the moment.

Hello Mr. Tonner!! Congratulations on what looks to be an amazing collection and a wonderful convention!! Hope to get to one someday!
Thanks...we hope to see you at one some day!

About a year back, I heard that you intended on creating a line of dolls based on the Lord of the Rings. I would be absolutely delighted if you did so! There are so many possibilites costume-wise! If you are able to do so, PLEASE PLEASE could they be ALL NEW sculpts!????
See answer above.

I would also be interested in seeing a Bollywood line!! ~ dolls with a darker vinyl and fabulous costumes!!!
This would be very fun...we'll have to think about that.

And one last thing~ a male Asian sculpt!!!
Abolutely! I just don't know when...

I am curious about the obvious larger heads of the newer dolls.... both male and female. Is this a trend that will continue? Is this a "larger" mold issue? How did this happen? Was it thought that the older heads were not in proportion to the body? I, for one, think the newer heads look very out of proportion to the body and have stopped collecting any of the newer head sculpts. I know I'm not the only one with these concerns.... Any light you could shed would be most appreciated.
When we shoot many dolls for the catalog and website, we use Master Mold heads, which are larger than that used in production. Other than that, I think that all people have different head sizes, and I'm pleased with the proportions in our sculpts. That being said, I'd love to hear about specific sculpts you feel are not in correct proportion.
NEW: For Wilde Imagination, I can say that Ellowyne was designed with a larger head. It gives a smaller ‘look’ to the body. As far as the Tyler line goes, it's certainly not an exact science; there is no intention to make head unnaturally large.

My favorite dolls in the Tonner line are the Oz witches (Gulch sculpt) and the Prince from Cinderella. Any chance we'll be seeing more of those? Can't get enough of either and while I think the WWE is gorgeous I wanna see more of the Greenies and His Handsomeness! He makes a great male doll in general and I'd love to see this one done kept in the line and done with more modern hair, for instance, and Gulch, well, she's a just a knockout sculpt. MORE please!
Thanks...there's always a chance.

One more. I mentioned this briefly to Dr Noreen but any hope of a normal hand for the Potter dolls so we can swap out for more versatility? I'd LOVE to see that!
We use these hands in the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew...but Warner Bros. wishes us to use a wand-holding hand for the Harry Potter kids.

The new BJD's are really lovely. I'll probably make the leap, but am concerned about at least one thing. Will the non -BJD- body still be available? It almost seems like another universe/ storyline in the making. May be my lack of vision, but I can't see the two types working together.
The resin BJD is just another will not replace the vinyl bodies...I actually prefer those to resin for both play-ability and price.

Love the new Betsy dolls---Posey and Daffie---but would love to see better (full-length)pictures of them. This blog/video is absolutely amazing---thanks so much---am loving it all!!
I'm sure images will surface in the TONNERSpace e-newsletter (or above!)...

I'm thrilled w/your efforts to go green(and I LOVE the Go Green outfit!). My partner and I are doing everything we can, as well. Also, I would be committed to purchasing any TDC product with profit designated to a carbon offset program.
We're working on it...tough in all the materials we use. But we are tyring to find new ways to be environmentially friendly.

1. Will you be selling the new 2008 catalogs?
Yes...but only a limited number will be available at events or via retailers.

2. Would you please publish the TonnerSpace on-line newsletter in a printable pdf. format?
It can actually be printed from the HTML...but we are working on a new website that will present news in a new format with printable PDFs. What you see now is our interim solution for the e-newsletter.

I'm asking because, as a collector, I dearly love the TDC catalogs and the current version of your newsletter does not fit my PC screen properly.
I understand there are ways to adjust your settings...but it's tough to include code that works for all machines. That's why we are working on new website.

I also think a male Asian sculpt is needed, and maybe a harder edged, rock-and-roll, Annie Lennox type friend for Tyler would be great. Maybe these two could be paired together!
Sounds good...we'll see...

The Tonner Convention blog is a fantastic idea and it's so wonderful that you are making the convention available to all of us who couldn't attend. I love being able to see the convention dolls and the videos are a great idea too. Brilliant! Thank you!
You're welcome and thanks...we want to try new things!

Can you clarify what sculpt the "Nightmare" doll is? The site says Daphne, but she looks like Angelina. Thank you. :-)
You are was Angelina...sorry you got incorrect info! I'll remember to beat Tom.

This may have been asked, but when will Rufus from your Wilde Imagination line be debuting?That's up to Wilde can follow their news at

Hi, Robert! I'm a BIG fan so have LOTS of questions...
1. When will we see more from the NYCB and Matt O'Neill collection? (Also regarding the NYCB collection--any plans to revamp the leg articulation or revert back to the original leg so that the doll can sit?)
Maybe...the leg is the way NYCB it's not likely we will change it.

2. Do you have plans for any more furniture for Tyler?
None right now.

3. Do you have any plans to add full, BW-type articulation to the plus-sized women (like Emme) and child dolls (like Agnes Dreary)? If so, when?
We are working on something new that you'll see soon...that's all I can say at this time.

4. Thank you for offering the BW body upgrades! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but would it be possible to get the bodies with the interchangeable feet option to?
Good idea...we'll look into this.

One more thing--I applaud your efforts to go green with the decision not to print a catalog and the new minimalist packaging of the UB dolls. Please continue!
Well...we did print some after all...but thanks...we are trying!

Just one question; Could you please bring back Tiny Kitty? Her fans miss her terribly!
We haven't retired'll see more of her later this year.

After the convention I'd love to see a write on how you all produce the videos for the blog!
We use Elfin magic...

Congrats to the whole Tonner team. Thanks for the blog. I'm having a virtual convention here at home. This is great!
Thanks...we're having a blast!

I was wondering if at any point you will consider using zippers more in gowns and dresses?
We have nothing against zippers...We'll try to see if some things, when appropriate, can use these.

My other question is, what is the status of the Matt O'Neil line? I love Matt! Bring Matt back from rehab, er, I mean "vacation"!
Matt is still around...he'll have some interesting news next year.

First, thanks again for letting us all participate via the virtual convention. It's almost as good as being there!Second, please, please, PLEASE tell me that Lois Lane and Lana Lang will be part of the regular line eventually. I'm blown away by the DC Stars line and want to see more! Like Superman's sweethearts and villains, Linda Lee and Clark Kent---and on the Batman side, ROBIN, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Also, would love to see Wonder Woman and Catwoman through the ages.
This is really up to DC...we'll look into it.

And lastly, please bring back Matt---and Esme and Russell. I suspect they're off having a little "plastic surgery" of their own and I can't wait to see them again.
Not to worry!

Will there be more ethnic dolls? I'd specifically like to see Hispanic, Native American, East Indian (Bolly-bolly-doncha wanna..) and Asian. An Asian male would be especially lovely.
We're always adding new skin tones and diverse ethnicities, so stay on the lookout for new characters.

Also, what happened with Lord of the Rings? Will that still happen?
Please see above.

Will Tyler's cousin ever show up?
Parker? Perhaps.

Will you PLEASE get 17's sculpt back from AD and make some?
I don't own the heads for this line...they were retained by Seventeen...sorry!

Pinocchio Farewell Brunch

Here are the souvenirs for the Pinocchio Farewell Brunch
Dreamy Tee - LE350 - Table Gift
Pinocchio - Resin/Jointed - LE400 & Jiminy Cricket Resin Table Souvenir - LE 400
The Blue Fairy - LE 400 - Cinderella Sculpt - Sold as Table Centerpiece with Geppetto's Workshop (LE50) & sold as companion.

See the BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO to see how the room came together with the extraordinary centerpieces!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Convention Special Exhibit

Share in the special exhibit as we explore excerpts from the Tonner Company Employees' Collections.


This video is about 6 minutes long...but here, we draw the winners of the online raffle. Don't worry if you can't hear the correct names...we know who you are, and we'll be contacting you once we get back to the offices on Tuesday! Congrats! We'll see you tomorrow at the Farewell Brunch and CAAF Auction!

Here are the winners & their can contact us at to claim your prize - CONGRATULATIONS!




GWEN STACY - sandman_gr


TYLER ULTRA BASIC - ali-alicatdreams


MELANIE - peacy keen



SISTER DREARY - suzan_no_longer_in_Pittsburgh


CAAF Charity Auction OOAK Dolls

While you are waiting for the Raffle Prizes...we thought you'd like to see some of the OOAK dolls for tomorrow's Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF) Charity Auction...
We're having a blast here with live music...and folks lining up for the purchase of the Prudence and Rufus Companions (Rufus was shown in a centerpiece with a street scene and lamppost - by himself, he's sold as a companion). All three dolls (Ellowyne, Prudence and Rufus) are each LE400. No news on how or when extras might be sold outside the convention.
Get your PJs ready! The Slumber Party and Raffle Prizes are pulled next...names received int he Raffle Prize Post by 9:30 EST (8:30 Central) will be eligible for 12 FREE prizes!
Look for answers to your Questions to Robert tomorrow morning during the Pinnochio Farewell Brunch! Thanks for being a part of the VIRTUAL Convention!

Ellowyne Wilde Banquet

Try these re-loaded images to see if they will come up larger when clicked on like the others.

Here are the dolls from tonight's event...more details will be posted later. Ellowyne is 'Lonely Heart' - the souvenir doll, Prudence in 'Picking Up the Pieces' is the companion doll...and introducing Rufus 'Unrequited' - displayed in the 'Lonely Street' Centerpiece.

Competition Room

We're sorry we couldn't get more video of the Sales Room...but we do have some video here of the amazing competition dolls...get a load of these extraordinary works of art!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Lunch at the Daily Planet

We're really sorry for the goof up on the order of postings...if you are looking for images of Lady 'G'...please scroll further down before the Sales Room Post. Images from the Daily Planet Souvenirs can be seen below this post...and here is your behind the scenes look at the set up of Lunch at the Daily Planet!

Lunch at the Daily Planet

Lunch at the Daily Planet - here are the dolls...we'll post more behind the scenes details just after the event!

Lois Lane (LE300) & Superman are both new head scupts. Krypto (LE300) was given as a table favor and he will only be made for this convention & a few for Wizard World Philadelphia (see below).

Lana Lang is the Companion Doll (LE300) - she's also a new sculpt. We have no information on whether other versions of Lois and Lana will be made available in the regular DC Stars line. This debut Superman will appear in the regular DC Stars line - 200 advance pieces were made available for the Tonner Convention - and 100 will be made available at Wizard World Philadelphia, later this May (see company calendar for details -

Mother Goose Re-Imagined

BEHIND THE SCENES: Mother Goose Re-Imagined

Robert Tonner will now take YOUR Questions!

Good Morning, Virtual Attendees!

We've seen many folks asking questions here and there on the blog...and while we really can't monitor and answer all, we did want to create a post where you could ask those questions directly to Robert. We'll get you answers later in the day. Please refrain from the regular questions you could ordinarily send to - but then again, if it's a question we can answer...we'll do our best. Let 'er rip!
We'll see you a little later at the Mother Goose Re-imagined Event!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Take a look at the opening of the sales room earlier this evening - it's about 6 minutes long, so please be aware...and enjoy! We'll see you tomorrow morning for the Mother Goose Re-Imagined Event - and DON'T forget to check tomorrow morning for a very special release announcement!

Mother Goose Re-Imagined

Don't forget to check the video below to see behind the scenes coverage!

Lady 'G' Centerpiece - LE135 - Cinderella Sculpt - Resin Ball-Jointed

This Debut 16" Resin BJD is issued with flat feet - The Ashleigh & Tyler BJDs (now appearing at News Page have high heel feet)

Posey - LE135 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)

Daffie (Companion) - LE50 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)


Desire (Emilie Sculpt - LE100)

Longing (Sydney Sculpt - LE100)

Nightmares (Angelina Sculpt - LE100)

Take a look at behind the scenes in preparation for this evening's Dreamscapes Event. Joe Petrollese, Tonner Design Director, and Mary Beth Durkins, Tonner VP of Sales and Marketing take a brief moment to tell you about the set-up. Join us later for Robert's opening of the Sales Room and a walk-through with some of the vendors at this year's convention. Thanks for being online with us!


And now...a word from Robert Tonner...


Dreamscapes Centerpiece with Companion Doll - 'Dreams' (LE300 - Shauna Sculpt - shown front) - Inspired by the Art of Alphonse Mucha - we'll have more pics/info on the centerpiece dolls in a later post.

Souvenir Dress - Cocktail Date (LE400) shown on the Ava Ultra Basic (LE500) received in Registration Bag.

'Dreams' Companion Doll - Sold Separately

2008 Tonner Convention Registration

Welcome! Check out the Registration Video...and here are the registration bag goodies. We'll see you later this evening for the opening event with a special message from Robert Tonner!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discussions are WELCOME!

Start posting them HERE - they will spawn other discussions, too...

We want to hear from YOU...while we wait for Convention to begin, please feel free to post your dialogue here. What are you most looking forward to seeing? Any special coverage we can get for you? From the Dreamscapes opening event to the Mother Goose 'Lady G' Lunch at the Daily Planet and the Ellowyne Wilde Banquet...and let's not forget the PJ Slumber Party and Farewell Brunch with a Disney's all about let us know what YOU want to see! Thanks for being a part of it all!

And don't forget to pass the word to your friends...we're watching the experiment to see how many people actually participate so we can expand it in the future. Its success depends on a healthy crowd of virtual attendees. Let your numbers be known...and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to your online collector friends!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome Virtual Attendees!

We will be holding virtual RAFFLES during the convention. There is NO COST for a FREE VIRTUAL RAFFLE Ticket! All you need to do is post a reply to this message. If you have a BLOGGER Account, that's great. If you wish to post using other methods, then give us a nickname. We will announce names on a similar Message such as this with the winning nickname and the prize you won! We will post your BLOGGER name...or Nickname...if you win (winners may not hear back until after convention). Remember, we need a way to contact you via your post to let you know you make sure you are using one of the methods listed. We will have other please understand posting here is ONLY for the RAFFLES. We will announce winners LIVE ONLINE during the Convention Pajama Party (where we pull the real raffle tickets) - so hey, you're there with us! You don't have to be online to win, though...just check back and see, or we will contact you if we have your email address. We will remind you of how it all works during the virtual raffle ticket, not to worry!

POST YOUR NAMES HERE NOW TO REGISTER FOR FREE RAFFLE CHANCES - please post only once, duplicates will not get a second raffle chance!

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Hello! Welcome to the Tonner Convention BLOG!

If you can't join us this May in Lombard, IL - we want you to join us online HERE for live reports, contests, giveaways and LIVE Convention News. You'll see videos, images of convention exclusives, interviews with attendees, and so much more. AND, don't miss our FREE virtual Raffle Room - just post your name in the comments block and find yourself automatically entered for the drawing - we'll draw names along with the Convention Raffle! So be a part of our VIRTUAL convention and join in the fun! Bookmark us for all the latest news prior to the convention - check back here for some 'How To' information on how this BLOG will work during convention, then join us on May 16th for the opening of our LIVE coverage! Hope to see you HERE!