Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother Goose Re-Imagined

BEHIND THE SCENES: Mother Goose Re-Imagined


Luanne said...

LOVE MOTHER GOOSE!!!! Only question I would have is whether the outfit might also fit on the Ellowyne Wilde doll?

eroth said...

I love her!!!!! Mother Goose BJD doll is simply gorgeous. I wish I could've come to the convention. Did only one at each table get a chance to buy her? How does that work? I know probably couldn't afford her, but, by darn I'm going to ask my hubby if he could take me to Tonner's convention next year for a Christmas present. I dearly want to attend a convention. It looks like so much fun. I'm happy for everyone attending and am glad for this blog so we can join in on the fun. I'm about as green as the Wicked Witch with envy!!!!! Have fun everyone! Elna