Friday, May 16, 2008


Take a look at the opening of the sales room earlier this evening - it's about 6 minutes long, so please be aware...and enjoy! We'll see you tomorrow morning for the Mother Goose Re-Imagined Event - and DON'T forget to check tomorrow morning for a very special release announcement!

Mother Goose Re-Imagined

Don't forget to check the video below to see behind the scenes coverage!

Lady 'G' Centerpiece - LE135 - Cinderella Sculpt - Resin Ball-Jointed

This Debut 16" Resin BJD is issued with flat feet - The Ashleigh & Tyler BJDs (now appearing at News Page have high heel feet)

Posey - LE135 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)

Daffie (Companion) - LE50 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)


Desire (Emilie Sculpt - LE100)

Longing (Sydney Sculpt - LE100)

Nightmares (Angelina Sculpt - LE100)

Take a look at behind the scenes in preparation for this evening's Dreamscapes Event. Joe Petrollese, Tonner Design Director, and Mary Beth Durkins, Tonner VP of Sales and Marketing take a brief moment to tell you about the set-up. Join us later for Robert's opening of the Sales Room and a walk-through with some of the vendors at this year's convention. Thanks for being online with us!


And now...a word from Robert Tonner...


Dreamscapes Centerpiece with Companion Doll - 'Dreams' (LE300 - Shauna Sculpt - shown front) - Inspired by the Art of Alphonse Mucha - we'll have more pics/info on the centerpiece dolls in a later post.

Souvenir Dress - Cocktail Date (LE400) shown on the Ava Ultra Basic (LE500) received in Registration Bag.

'Dreams' Companion Doll - Sold Separately

2008 Tonner Convention Registration

Welcome! Check out the Registration Video...and here are the registration bag goodies. We'll see you later this evening for the opening event with a special message from Robert Tonner!