Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother Goose Re-Imagined

Don't forget to check the video below to see behind the scenes coverage!

Lady 'G' Centerpiece - LE135 - Cinderella Sculpt - Resin Ball-Jointed

This Debut 16" Resin BJD is issued with flat feet - The Ashleigh & Tyler BJDs (now appearing at News Page have high heel feet)

Posey - LE135 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)

Daffie (Companion) - LE50 - Resin Ball-Jointed (Betsy Head)


Luanne said...

She is just completely adorable, but you don't mention her size. Is she the same size as Tiny Betsy?

daphne7 said...

Lady G is just amazing. Thanks for posting all of these pictures so promptly!

joyjems said...

Oh Isn't Lady G Just Fantastic?! And with a Cinderella Sculpt, No Less!
I would love to see more of the Tiny Betsy!

sandman_gr said...

Lady G is just amazing! I wish I could afford one!