Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome Virtual Attendees!

We will be holding virtual RAFFLES during the convention. There is NO COST for a FREE VIRTUAL RAFFLE Ticket! All you need to do is post a reply to this message. If you have a BLOGGER Account, that's great. If you wish to post using other methods, then give us a nickname. We will announce names on a similar Message such as this with the winning nickname and the prize you won! We will post your BLOGGER name...or Nickname...if you win (winners may not hear back until after convention). Remember, we need a way to contact you via your post to let you know you make sure you are using one of the methods listed. We will have other please understand posting here is ONLY for the RAFFLES. We will announce winners LIVE ONLINE during the Convention Pajama Party (where we pull the real raffle tickets) - so hey, you're there with us! You don't have to be online to win, though...just check back and see, or we will contact you if we have your email address. We will remind you of how it all works during the virtual raffle ticket, not to worry!

POST YOUR NAMES HERE NOW TO REGISTER FOR FREE RAFFLE CHANCES - please post only once, duplicates will not get a second raffle chance!